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ESAGS offers free programs, through the OpenCourseWare (OCW), a world movement, created in order to share free knowledge through the Internet. ESAGS is one of the six first Learning Institutions in Brazil, and one of the 200 best in the world, which takes part in this action. Anyone, of any level of formal education, wherever they are, even by mobile phone, can take these courses. You just need to be online.

Behaviors for Excellence

This course focuses on behaviors that contribute to achieving goals. Besides proposing reflections on self-esteem, it also brings discussions on assertive behavior and how to deal with adversities.

Open Course for HR Managers: how to avoid Labor Lawsuits

Perfect for professionals in the Human Resources sector, who are willing to learn about the basic rules of Labor Laws and the relationship between employers and employees. The program brings subjects like Mandatory Laws and Types of Contract Termination.

Forming Leaders

This program introduces facts & myths around the topic, touching several issues related to leadership such as motivation, communication, teamwork and feedback.

Business Analysis Foundations

This course offers a basic understanding of the functions of a Business Analyst as well as their impact, especially when developing IT solutions and the life of a cycle in projects of Business Analysis.

Time Management

A thought-provoking course, this program stimulates students to wish for change and to think about daily situations. It brings guidance, reflections and tips on how to manage time.

Inclusion: the first steps

A program that introduces and helps participants to shed light on concepts and practices about how to deal with individuals with special needs as well as and their social inclusion. All this by the means of guidance, reflections and tips on how to deal with difficult situations, always trying to find creative solutions.

Introducing HP 12C and how to use it

Instrumentation to use HP 12C correctly, a tool for time management and optimization, found at the most different professional routines. Participants will learn how to use this tool and its main keys and functions, as well as running from simple calculations to more complex ones, such as simple and compound interest rates. 

Portuguese Language Quiz

Speaking and writing correctly is essential for every single professional. To that end, this course will help participants to use Portuguese Language (formal register), by the means of a very dynamic class, presented in the form of a quiz.

Cargos e Salários

Um curso importante para quem deseja entender um pouco mais sobre Administração de Cargos e Salários e a importância desta, para as empresas. Possui a responsabilidade de atrair, motivar e reter, os atuais e também os novos colaboradores e dessa forma, alcançar os objetivos da empresa.

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